77 GHz Radar by Autoliv

Detecting the end of the rope / balloon at high speeds is difficult. A marking on the rope isn’t safe, endswitch not possible, laser rangig can be blocked by the rope. So why not try RADAR? This technology allows you to get high resolution distance readings and the doppler speed of (metallic) objects. We started looking for different ready-made sensors with a wide beam angle and medium to high range in june 2017 and found mostly automotive parts from Bosch, Continental and of course Autoliv. As Autoliv is around the corner of TUM, we contacted them and asked for their help. After a short impression of what we need they provided us two sensors with a cusom firmware which gives us a list of tracked objects over the CAN interface.

Demonstration of the RADAR sensor

This week Autoliv finished the software and we were invited to their office. We presented our Space Elevators and they introduced us into the black magic of RADAR sensing.

Back at the WARR SE Lab (actually we work at home a lot in the past weeks because you can leave you stuff laying there, but “Lab” sounds cooler than “livingroom”) we connectet the sensor to the microcontroller for testing and implementing.

Working while eating – saves time

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