Solving tiny problems

To participate at SPEC in Japan the rulebook says: “You are not allowed to touch your climber when starting” (freely translated), so our common technique to give it a little push over the blind commuting of the speed controller would not work.

We had several ideas of a spring loaded pushing thing, a second motor tor startup, a clutch… but we didn’t even try all settings of the Kontronik ESC which can be changed via an Android app (would rate it 0 stars) and be stored permanently until the next powerup. (If you work for Kontronik and can tell us why it does not store the PWM values set in the app, that would be great)

For faster testing, we used a RC remote this time- quite dangerous at an acceleration of ~40m/s² – but the ESC kept its PWM ranges most of the time. After 30+ failed start attemps on our tally chart we finally got the right settings. The climber pushes itself on a nearly vertical rope. For simulation of the canopy and IMU cube we added some weight with a professional mounting system. And it is still working.

List of other tiny problems to solve:
– discbreak
– ensure stopping before the top bumper is behind the climber
– finding a logo for the tshirts

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