Climber beanie

Another paragraph of the SPEC Rulebook says: “Cover up moving parts and sharp edges” as well as “the climber should not land on the batteries when falling”. Apart from the other, slightly bigger problems when the climber falls off the rope, we will cover up the whole upper part with a big canopy made out of vacuum formed ABS. The shape was stolen from the Siemens Taurus locomotive due to time issues (sorry Siemens, no time to ask for permission). Since we couldn’t find a better way to produce a heat resistent positive mold, we just made ours out of wood.

After we recieved the ABS and PS sheets with one week delay because the supplyer wasn’t able to tell us they sold stuff they don’t have we finally were able to form the canopy.

This was the second attemp, the first one last is some kind of modern art because the plate slipped out of the frame.
For covering the motor as the biggest rotating part we had to chosse between IKEA ORDNING, a cutlery case and the Zeller “Mesh Style” pen cup. The pen cup won, because its black, and we only work in black (it’s acutally dark grey, but who cares)

With the new RADAR optimized bumpers and the full enclosure it now looks kind of ugly less sexy than before. The cover is fixed on the payload mounting points and will be slided on top if everything is mounted and connected.

not so sexy   vs.   sexy climber

With all these new covers you an not touch any rotating parts on the climber. But we still don’t know how to touch rotating parts if your not allowed to stand next to the climber while driving.

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