Kontronik saves the day

During a testrun last week our ESC, the old Kontronik KOSMIK 200 HV went up in flames, one week before the 1. advent. We send it to Kontronik for a check and they told us they can’t repair it. So we had to get a new one. Special Thanks to Kontronik at this point for the fast and uncomplicated replacement.

They even sent back the old one. So have a look at it:

First look: soot everywhere. The only thing we we saw when its life ended, was a flash near the LED and SD socket . If you follow the path of soot, the smoke most likely ended up under the front cover at the MOSFETS.

After cleaning we could see a big hole in the copper shielding of the IRF7759.

Even the PCB got vaporized!

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