Flying to Tokyo

Today we started our trip to Japan. The route was spread with some, let’s call them “hickups” just for fun. The S8 to the airport got cancelled, so just business as usual there. We managed to get to the airport eventually and that was where the fun started.

Our battery packs are a bit too big for just taking them into a plane. They have to be approved by the airline. Perfectly organized folks like us, do this several days in advance just to make sure. After getting a “not approved” status we got a little nerovus and tried to solve all this. After many mails and phone calls (some of us now have PTSD just from hearing the KLM jingle for hours), we managed to get a “approval pending” with the hint to check again just before boarding the plane.


And of course nothing changed. It still stated “approval pending” when we entered the security zone with the batteries for a try. Luckily after some nice explanation with the guy at the security we could bring the batteries. KLM just seemed to have forgotten our request and so after what you whould call a casual 14 hours of flight we found ourserlves in Tokio Narita. Just the final check for “approval pending” – Yep it was still there.

First on our to-do list now: fulfilling basic human needs – money, WiFi, food.

Money was no problem – we just had our passports checked from time to time, because standing in front of an ATM for longer than 10 minutes does not seem to be something a busy Japanese working guy would do.

Wifi – this part is very cool in Japan. You can get a mobile wifi router which itself has a 4G connection to the internet. This small box cost us about 9.000 Yen for 15 days of unlimited data. – Great-

After getting our passports checked again – standing in front of a wifi router store for 15 Minutes is obviously nothing a busy Japanese working guy whould do eiter – we got our bus tickets to Tsuchiura station where we switched to a train to Mito.


As a group of engineers, Japan is super exciting for us. The pace of machines like the ticket vending machine is simply stunning. It takes one second to print your ticket and return your change.

After a short walk we arrived at our Hotel in Mito, where we checked in. The accomodation there is, well let’s just say it’s there. So after a short walk through the town of Mito we found ourselves super exhausted in a 1,20m wide and 1,90m long “double bed”, along with a team mate, of course. – very “efficient” use of space –

That’s all for now, folks. Time to sleep -_-

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