Settling down in Mito

In order to prepare for the competition and to get know the japanese culture, we (most of our team) arrived two days earlier. So we took the time to walk around in Mito city and explore the surrounding. After a french breakfast we went to an arcade and played airhockey. We were quite surprised how many people were there at 10 o’clock in the morning fishing manga figures from thousands of toy grabber machines. Since it was raining all day we decided to vist the biggest shopping center in Mito. Slightly annoying christmas music on all 11 floors. After struggling to buy paper, an envelope and a stamp we stumbled upon a suspicious gadget: a beer foamer.

No idea, why you would use that.

For lunch we got some miso-soup at our favorite 7-eleven shop and “cooked” it in our “hotel room”.
Well nourished by the way to salty soup we gave the climber a final check: Reparing damages caused by the flight, testing sensors and charging batteries.

Meditation: Feeling the climber vibes

In the evening we continued our culinary adventure at the McDonalds 100m from our hotel.

Exited about the first day of SPEC2017 tomorrow.

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