Lightning strikes

We started our third day in Mito like all the others – in a bakery.

Things we had on our list for today:
– Try the famous Taiyaki – a sweet fish-shaped waffle with different fillings
– Buying stamps, since we hadn’t found any the day before
РMeeting with Mr. Shimazaki at the event area mud field
– Charge all batteries for the climber
– Eat something
– Pick up Max at the train station

The journey of our 5th team member was also very eventful. A plane got hit by a lightning (not his plane) which resulted in a huge delay for him. When changing flights in Paris CDG, Max ran across the airport and was lucky enough to still catch the plane. Sadly the luggage didn’t make it. When we were finally reunited in the evening, we celebrated with a reasonable amount of beer and sake.

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